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There’s Still Time to Embrace Carpet Trends in 2015

Posted on May 29th, 2015 by

Carpet is making a comeback in a big way in 2015. How do we know? Well, the year is halfway over and there are a few trends picking up speed heading into the second part of 2015. If you’re planning to replace flooring in your home this year, some of these trends may be enough to make you question what you thought you knew about carpeting!

Patterned Carpet

Homeowners are becoming bolder in their design choices, as most are choosing to stay in their homes longer and are less concerned with resale value. Complicated patterns are now easier to make and more affordable than ever, leading to a spike in geometric patterns and stripes, often with a mix of multi-dimensional cut/loop construction and yarn variation.

Carpet Inspired by Natural Materials

Going green is cooler than ever, and many homeowners are choosing carpet in San Diego that is inspired by natural sisal and wool. This type of carpeting adds warmth to a room and it offers a greater value than natural fibers, as it’s easier to maintain. Examples of this trend include nylon yarn made to mimic the distressing and rust of natural fibers, and striated carpet with a gradual fading to give the floor an aged looked.

Bold Colors

While neutral tones will always be popular, this year we are seeing more vibrant colors in carpeting, particularly in high-traffic areas where durable carpet in a forgiving shade hides wear and tear. Hallways and smaller rooms are a popular choice for playing with new color choices like muted blues, teals, and earthy greens.

Carpet with Texture

There is a huge trend toward not only pattern but also texture in carpeting. Along with being stylish, textured carpet minimizes the appearance of stains, wear, and vacuum marks. One of the more popular options is ribbed carpet with striations.

Pet-Friendly Carpeting

Pet owners have learned to stay away from carpeting, but several manufacturers have been working on products designed to stand up better to cats and dogs with stain protection and easier cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Carpet

Eco-friendly carpets remain popular in 2015. Homeowners are turning to wool, sisal, and even recyclable nylon. Along with a more luxurious feel, this type of carpet can also be better for individuals with allergies or asthma. While more expensive, natural fiber carpets are often more resilient to stains and long lasting.

Thinking about changing your flooring this year? Let the pros at Unique Flooring in San Diego be part of your project! Swing by our showroom or call us at (760) 945-0010 to request a free estimate.

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