If you’ve been thinking about updating your home, the New Year is the perfect time to do it, and there are plenty of awesome design ideas to choose from in 2015. Check out some of the hottest home trends for 2015, furnished by the design experts at Unique Flooring in Oceanside, CA.

For years, painting your walls was the way to go instead of wallpaper. However, thanks to bold new patterns and irresistible new textures, wallpaper is taking walls back by storm. Consider using eye-catching wallpaper on just one wall of a room for an interesting design accent.

There’s nothing more popular right now than taking an old item and repurposing it into something new. This trend will only expand next year, so expect to see more reclaimed wood flooring, repainted items, and repurposed furniture.

There’s no doubt about it–gray is the new white. Gray can be surprisingly warm and because it’s a neutral, it will match anything. Design experts suggest using a gray paint with a flat or matte finish, however, or the look can become too industrial.

Bolder carpet
When wall-to-wall carpet first became a realistic financial option, people went a little crazy. The end result was the shag carpet in bold colors that overtook the 70’s. However, after two decades of muted tones, carpet is going to reclaim color in 2015. Expect to see more reds, olive green, and pastels in homes this year.

Leggy Sinks
Get ready for a new addition to the bathroom you’ve likely never seen before: leggy sinks. This is a trend that will be taking over bathrooms in 2015. The great lines and unique style make leggy sinks a must have in your home, provided you can find storage for bathroom items somewhere other than under the sink.

Concrete Floors
Long gone are the days that you’ll only find concrete floors in the garage. Now. Thanks to various textures, painted stencils, and acid stains, concrete has been transformed and looks great in any room of the home. Particularly popular in 2015 will be concrete flooring in kitchens and bathrooms.

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