4 Common Mistakes Made in a DIY Tile Floor Installation

The tile flooring Oceanside residents dream about having in their homes is often installed professionally. However, laying down tile flooring yourself can save you money, but you need to take a few key precautions. Avoid these common mistakes before you end up with a tile floor that looks less than perfect.

  1. Using the Wrong Adhesive
    There are various adhesives used for certain projects in the home. When you’re installing tile, you need to make sure you use an adhesive that allows the pieces to stick to the surface. If you don’t use the proper kind, pieces of the tile might come back up after you walk on the floor.
  2. Not Cleaning Properly
    If you don’t clean the surface before you install the tile, you might notice some of the pieces aren’t even with the others. Remove the old flooring and other materials on the surface before cleaning and sanding. If the surface is as smooth as possible and free of dirt, the tiles are likely to stay in place better.
  3. Grouting Too Soon
    This is one of the top mistakes that can end up costing you. You probably want to get the job done as soon as you can so you can use the room like you normally would. However, you should wait at least 24 hours after the tiles are in place before grouting. Only cover a small area at one time, and use a grout float to apply the grout evenly.
  4. Not Using Battens
    If you want the tiles to be even, use wooden battens between them when installing them. This ensures they are evenly spaced from the door throughout the rest of the room, and it can also help you determine if you have enough tiles to place on the surface. When the battens are in place, you can see if each tile is level with the other ones instead of one being higher than another.

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