Many home offices are remodeled bedrooms or merely the extension of another living space. If you want your office to look good and be a comfortable space to work, it has to stand out and assert itself as being unique from the rest of the house. You may also want it to appear more inviting for when others join you for a meeting or even a quick conversation. The flooring and design experts at Unique Flooring in San Diego have outlined a few steps you can take to make your home office shine.

Let the Sunshine In
An office shouldn’t be dark and dreary. Let in as much natural light as possible, whether it be from installing a new window or just changing the curtains or blinds. Human brains have been proven to function best in naturally lit conditions. Not only will allowing the warm glow of sunrise to shine through make your office look stunning, it can also help you stay more focused and productive.

Avoid Using Your Desk as a Barrier
Oftentimes, the front of a desk is the first thing you see when entering a home office. If space allows, try not to allow your desk to come between you and any visitors you may have. Placing your desk at an angle to the entrance of your office can make the space seem more inviting. This can also make for a more interesting looking design to the room.

Add Splashes of Color to the Room
Your office’s flooring may be an unconventional, yet perfect place to do this. You could go with more traditional hardwood flooring, making it stand out with clashing but elegant color on the walls, or you could opt to have an interesting and colorful rug under your feet if that’s more your style.

Remove Clutter
Don’t let your desk, shelves, or floor space be taken up by too many random objects. Keep only the essentials for work on your desk and keep design pieces on your shelves to a minimum. This can allow the remaining pieces to stand out and look as if they are meant to be there. Though a small amount of comfortable seating for meetings may be necessary, don’t pack the room with too much furniture.

Try these tips and you may be well on your way to having the perfect home office space. Of course, before making any major changes to your living spaces, be sure you have it all thoroughly planned out. You may want to consider consulting with an expert even if you plan on doing the work yourself. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a project you don’t have the expertise to complete. Unique Flooring can help answer your design planning questions.

If you are interested in making changes to your home office or other living space, new flooring may be the next thing you want to research. Unique Flooring offers a variety of hardwood, carpet, laminate, and tile flooring San Diego families have loved using in their home renovations. Stop by our showroom or give us a call at 760-945-0010 to learn more.