Upgrades to homes currently on the market or almost ready for the market need to reevaluate the home’s appearance before advertising to buyers. After all, the home should lean toward the buyer’s potential tastes, not yours. The flooring and design experts at Unique Flooring San Diego discuss 5 cheap renovations you can make to your home to increase its value on the market.

  1. Paint Neutral Colors
    Many buyers are turned off by crazy wall colors. To sell a home, the reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, blacks, and other nontraditional colors need to go. Attract more buyers by painting the walls in neutral colors. Acceptable neutral colors are white, beige, gray, tan, brown, and blue. Make sure all the walls are neutral, not just the main living space. Bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, and dens are not exempt from this rule.
  2. Upgrade the Front Door
    The front door is one of the first things buyers see. A fresh coat of neutral or red paint may tempt many potential buyers. Add a peephole or windows for viewing guests, and a working doorbell is another welcome addition. If you can afford it, consider installing a brand new door.
  3. Repair Problematic Issues
    Fixing problems throughout the house will make buyers more interested in purchasing it because it saves them money, time, and stress. Fix the broken garage door, holes and cracks in the walls, the leaky faucet, or the broken door and window locks. If you can afford it, update your plumbing, electrical lines, flooring, and roofing.
  4. Update Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures
    Fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms add a special touch. In the kitchen, changing knobs and handles can transform the space almost as much as an expensive renovation. In the bathroom, new showerheads, towel racks, toilet tissue holders, and doorknobs say a lot without spending too much money.
  5. Fix the Flooring
    Many sellers shy away from flooring renovations because they can quickly add up. However, there are solutions for making your flooring more appealing without overspending. First, place nails in the correct spots to stop squeaking noises, then repair loose, broken, or damaged tile or floorboards. For around a few hundred dollars, you can install engineered hardwood, floating cork flooring, or carpet flooring.

If flooring is on your list of things to update before selling your home, get in touch with Unique Flooring. We offer a wide array of attractive wood, tile, carpet, and vinyl flooring San Diego residents love, and we also provide installation services. Stop by our showroom in Oceanside or give us a call at 760-945-0010 for a free quote.