Not all carpets are the same. There are several types of carpet styles that provide texture and height, and a few types of fibers that affect the durability, moisture resistance, and stain-fighting properties. The staff at Unique Flooring, a leading provider of flooring in Carlsbad, discuss five of the best types of carpet for your home.

  1. Nylon
    Nylon is the most popular type of carpet fiber material for a reason: it’s the most resilient material, which means it won’t get matted down as easily and it’ll maintain a new appearance for longer. Nylon is used for both cut pile and loop pile carpet, and there is a great deal of flexibility in color. The main downside of nylon is that it’s not stain resistant, but many manufacturers use a stain-resistant treatment to improve performance.
  2. Polyester
    If you want carpet that is more affordable than nylon for a low-to-medium traffic area like a bedroom, polyester carpet fiber is a good choice. Polyester carpet fiber is very soft and non-allergenic, and it’s available with the same large selection of colors and textures as nylon. The best feature of polyester is its stain resistance, which exceeds nylon and other materials. Polyester is easy to keep clean, and it also sheds moisture. While it will not last as long as nylon, it does offer an excellent value.
  3. Olefin
    Olefin is a popular carpet fiber used in commercial carpets and Berber carpet. Carlsbad residents might be concerned about olefin being more difficult to keep clean compared to nylon and polyester. However, it does wear well, and its performance and lifespan can be boosted with an anti-stain treatment. This material was originally made for basement flooring, as it has excellent resistance to moisture, water damage, mildew, and static. If you choose olefin, be sure you look for a smaller looped Berber style carpet, as the larger loops have lower resiliency.
  4. Wool
    The vast majority of carpet sold today is made from synthetic fibers, but wool is still an option. Wool is a premium carpet material that is usually more expensive than synthetic carpet options, but it offers a rich, deep appearance and feel with superior resilience and a long lifespan. Wool is extremely stain resistant with tightly packed fibers that naturally resist dirt and debris for a beautiful new look for longer.
  5. Triexta
    Triexta is a new type of carpet fiber that is similar to polyester with greater softness, durability, and stain resistance. It is the first new petroleum-derived textile approved by the FTC for residential carpet since nylon in 1959. This type of carpet fiber has a kinked structure that dramatically increases stain resistance, fade resistance, and wear. Triexta is more expensive than nylon and polyester, but its lifespan can far exceed that of other carpets.

Carpet isn’t suitable for every room in the home, which means you might also be considering laminate, tile, vinyl, or hardwood flooring. Carlsbad homeowners can rely on Unique Flooring to meet all their flooring needs. Stop by our showroom or give us a call today at 760-945-0010 for a free quote on flooring materials and installation services.