5 Home Décor Ideas to Try If You Have a Small House

One of the most common challenges that comes with living in a smaller home is decorating when the amount of space available is limited. Even if your home does not have a lot of square footage, there are ways to utilize the smaller rooms in the home and make them appear larger. Here are a few home décor ideas to consider when you want to furnish your interior setting from top to bottom.

  1. Use Lighter Hues
    Using lighter hues can make the space feel airy and create the illusion of a more spacious setting. Opt for using white area rugs with lighter furniture and include pops of color that add a cozy touch to the space. You may also want to install lighter-colored carpet. Vista homeowners who want to make the most of their small spaces should consider installing white built-in units for the shelves to create a crisp and open environment. Hanging neutral curtains higher up on the wall can also make the windows appear larger and the ceilings look like they’re higher.
  2. Add Mirrors
    Mirrors look beautiful when used above a couch in the living room or in bedrooms. Hanging a mirror on the wall allows more light to reflect in the home and makes the space appear larger. Consider grouping multiple mirrors together to make a statement. Frames with metallic mirrors look regal and chic if you want to create a high-end setting.
  3. Choose Seating with Storage
    Open up the floor space in your living room by adding seating that can also be used to store various items. You can use a corner banquette with hidden storage underneath the seats as a place to store things like blankets and board games. Trunks used as coffee tables can also free up space in the home and serve as an area to stack your magazines or place your beverages.
  4. Go Bold
    Bold and dramatic décor can make the home appear larger when you play with different types of patterns and prints. Use vibrant colors, add flowers and plants, and install stunning light fixtures overhead to make the interior setting appear lively and interesting. Using dramatic fixtures and pieces distracts the eye and makes it easier to forget the rooms are small.
  5. Opt for Minimalism
    Don’t overcrowd your kitchen countertops or your desk because it can make the home appear even smaller. To avoid using up extra space, select items that are functional and useful to put on display. Consider only putting items you truly love on the countertops, allowing you to create an organized environment that doesn’t feel cramped and cluttered. It may also boost the functionality of the environment.

The flooring you choose can also affect the look of a smaller home. Get in touch with Unique Flooring to find out what the best flooring options would be for your living space. We are a leading provider of high-quality hardwood, carpet, laminate, vinyl, and tile flooring in Vista. Give us a call today at 760-945-0010, or stop by our showroom to see what we have to offer.