5 Incredible Home Design Games

In the history of video games, the genre of building or designing structures and spaces dates back to the days of mainframe computers in the late 1970s, with games such as Hamurabi and Santa Paravia, which mostly featured resource management. When the original SimCity was released by Maxis in 1989, gameplay became more structural. By 1997, games such as Constructor introduced the new element of managing a suburban development company.

For some reason, home design and interior decorating software applications were largely confined to CAD programs for professionals. It took a few years before developers created apps for casual users and eventually gamers. The Carlsbad floor refinishing experts at Unique Flooring want to share five modern games that may appeal to your inner home builder and interior decorator.
  1. Design This Home
    This fun iOS game is perfect for casual gamers who happen to enjoy the interior design sensibilities of Martha Stewart. You start off with a handful of floor plans and styles, which range from modern to Victorian and Asian to Southwestern. For a casual game, the décor options are extensive and include flooring, paint, wallpaper, furniture, and more.
  2. Second Life
    Although this is actually a virtual world rather than a game, the home design element is a very important aspect of the Second Life experience. Quite a few players in this vast socioeconomic system dedicate their time almost exclusively to building lavish mansions with multiple rooms and extensive decorations. Hundreds of Pinterest boards feature incredible screenshots of Second Life interiors that could very well have been taken out of the pages of Better Homes & Gardens.
  3. Home Styler
    Home Styler is not a game. It is actually a web application by Autodesk, the developers of the most respected CAD packages in history. However, designing and decorating a virtual living space in Home Styler is a lot of fun.
  4. The Sims 3
    From Maxis, the developers behind the SimCity titles, this life and community simulation features a great deal of home design and interior decoration as part of its game mechanics. What makes this game interesting in terms of home design is that the lives of the characters you control need to be constantly nurtured by external factors such as the living spaces where they can practice their craft and further their careers. As you master the game and invite other Sims to visit your home, you may want to impress them with an elaborate foyer so they think you are a big deal. The iOS and Android versions of The Sims 3 are not watered down. They are very intuitive and do not detract from the overall home design gameplay.
  5. Home Design Story
    The look of this iPhone game suggests it was designed with young girls in mind, but there is enough sophistication for interior designers to get ideas in terms of furnishings, trimmings, and color combinations.

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