Painting the inside of your home is easy enough, assuming you’ve done a little prep work. Before you start dipping the brush, listen to the design pros at Unique Flooring San Diego and avoid making these easy mistakes.

  1. Skimping on Applicators
    Skimping on paint applicators can make your job much messier and more time consuming. Rollers are faster than brushes, but larger ones can’t get tight corners. That’s why you need a variety of tools. Additionally, cheaply made paintbrushes can leave behind bristles on your painted wall and are more likely to cause stroke marks.
  2. Leaving Trim and Floors Unprotected
    Tape for trim and protection for your floor are just as vital to your project as the paint and brushes. No matter how careful you are, paint drips and splatters. Avoid making more work for yourself by covering floors and trim from the beginning.
  3. Dunking Your Brush Too Deep
    Only the ends of your paintbrush need to be covered in paint. Too much paint elsewhere will cause dripping and uneven paint distribution when the paint starts rolling down the brush (and all over you).
  4. Skipping Primer
    Primer exists for a very specific reason: getting your walls ready for the paint. Primer will even out any blemishes and help cover previous color on the wall. It also gives your paint something to adhere to, making the finished product look nicer.
  5. Painting the Ceiling Last
    Gravity has a way of making paint drip. If you paint the ceiling last, you run the risk of getting splatters on your freshly painted walls. This is especially a big deal if the ceiling is a different color than the walls.

Save yourself some headache–think before you paint! Have other questions about home design? Maybe you’re thinking of getting new flooring and really redoing that room. Either way, Unique Flooring in San Diego is here to help! We have a huge selection of carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood flooring, offering something for every taste and budget. Call us at (760) 945-0010 or swing by our showroom today!