Laminate Flooring OptionsYears ago, laminate flooring developed a reputation as a cheap-looking alternative to solid wood floors. However, with advancements in laminate technology, there are products available today that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. You can have the beautiful look of real wood or stone tile at a fraction of the cost. Not sure if we’re talking about the same laminate flooring? The Unique Flooring Store in San Diego presents 5 reasons why you might actually prefer this flooring option.

  1. Laminates Work When You Can’t Use Stone and Ceramic
    In homes where the floor has a tendency to flex and shift as you walk around, laminates are a better option than stone and ceramic tile. You won’t have to replace loose or shattered tiles, or find ways to stabilize your sub-floor. In this case, not only is the actual flooring material less expensive, you don’t have to pay for prepping your current surface.
  2. Avoid a Demolition Project by Choosing Laminates
    Laminate flooring allows homeowners to install right over top of old and outdated floors. As long as you have an original solid surface like wood, linoleum or even concrete, you can put down laminate without the mess and extra work that comes with removing and disposing of the old floor.
  3. Less Wasted Material with Laminates
    When you buy carpet, linoleum or other sheet flooring materials, you are paying for a large square piece. If your room is oddly shaped, that’s wasted money and material on the cut-off pieces you won’t be able to use. Bundles of solid wood planks on the other hand invariably come with a few bad boards that aren’t usable. Laminates avoid both issues. Because they come in smaller pieces, there is very little scrap and because they are an engineered material, they should be completely free of defects.
  4. Save Money on Installation
    Carpet installation fees, tile installers, woodworkers – why pay hefty contractor fees on expensive flooring jobs when you can install laminate flooring yourself? Laminates are the easiest type of flooring installation for the home handyman. Choose tongue and groove laminate flooring, and you will be able to snap your new floor together without using glue or special tools. Not confident in your DIY skills? Learn more about affordable flooring installation in San Diego.
  5. Laminates are Durable
    Unlike carpeting and linoleum, laminate floors are extremely stain resistant. They resist scratches and scuffs, and they will never splinter the way wood floors can. Laminate floors also don’t require annual refinishing, and they are simple to clean with a damp mop. If you have young children (or teens for that matter) or pets, laminate floors are an ideal flooring option that is durable and easy to maintain.

Have we made you a believer? Join the countless San Diego homeowners who are starting to consider laminate for their homes and apartments. If you’re interested in finding out more information about laminate flooring, contact Unique Flooring at 760-945-0010 and schedule your free consultation. We also specialize in hardwood, carpet and tile flooring in San Diego, just in case laminate just isn’t right for you!