Whether you are hiring professionals or going the DIY route, the wonderful new flooring you’re about to install won’t hold up long without the right pre-installation preparations. There may even be a few small, yet important, steps you haven’t considered. Unique Flooring Oceanside brings you 5 preparation tips to ensure your installation goes smoothly and correctly.

  1. Clear Out Your Kitchen
    Remove everything from your kitchen, including furniture and all items from the cabinets. If the floor is being professionally installed, make sure the installers know ahead of time if you are unable to remove anything from the area and will need assistance in doing so.
  2. Remove Items from Connecting Walls in Adjoining Rooms
    Floor installation involves demolition, which means there will be a great deal of banging and vibrations that can affect nearby rooms. The last thing you want is for something to unexpectedly fall and break. Prepare by removing mirrors and paintings from walls adjacent to the kitchen walls, and pull furniture away from these walls to prevent it from tipping over.
  3. Decide What You’ll Be Keeping
    Even though you’re getting a new floor, you might still want to preserve the moldings from your older kitchen. Decide what you plan to salvage and reuse afterward. Again, if you’re using professional installers, they should be made aware of this well in advance of installation so something you want to keep doesn’t end up part of the demolition.
  4. Control Dust and Debris
    Be assured there will be both of these during floor installation. Whether you have Mohawk carpet or Appalachian hardwood floors nearby, lay plastic tarps on the floors just outside of your kitchen to protect them. Also, set up a box fan near an open kitchen window to blow dust outside.
  5. Set Up a Temporary Kitchen
    People who cook in their kitchens on a daily basis might be distressed about not being able to use them for a little while. Since floor installation is more than a one-hour project, you may need to find a temporary spot for your refrigerator, microwave, and other regularly used kitchen items. Make sure this temporary kitchen is situated well away from the installation work and protected from dust.

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