Decorating your home is an important part of making it your own, but decorations that can be upcycled at home are often overpriced in stores. If you’re an environmentalist or just like saving a bit of cash, check out these 5 DIY projects from the flooring and design experts at San Diego Unique Flooring.

  1. Vintage Napkin Quilt
    Hunt down some vintage linen table napkins that match your home decor scheme and stitch them into an accent quilt for a colorful and stylish addition to your living room. Mix and match colors and designs for a unique look.
  2. Empty Jar Lamps
    A clear, empty jar can become a fantastic decorative vase in your living room. Fill the jar with marbles, glass beads, or another colorful accent to make it your own, then add silk or plastic flowers, feathers, and set on a coffee table to enjoy.
  3. Bottle and Jar Lamps
    If you have pretty wine bottles or mason jars you’ve been wanting to use for a project, head to the hardware store for a easy-to-do lamp kit. In less than twenty minutes you can transform your recycling into a decorative lamp.
  4. Scrapbook Paper Wall Art
    Have some old picture frames you’re not sure what to do with? Grab some scrapbooking paper or other paper with patterns that you love and turn them into framed wall art pieces for your living room. You can even matte for a more sophisticated look or sand, paint, and refinish wood frames for a shabby-chic touch.
  5. Fabric Scrap Throw Pillows
    Finally! A use for those extra pieces of fabric from sewing projects that you might have otherwise thrown away. Sort out your favorite prints and sew them into a quilted pillow. Eclectic colors and patterns create a fun use for what’s left after your bigger projects.

If you’re feeling ambitious after you’ve completed your DIY projects, turn to our design experts for flooring suggestions. At Unique Flooring, we have a huge variety of flooring options, from San Diego hardwood flooring to carpet, tile, and vinyl. To learn more or to get some advice from our design experts, stop by our show room or give us a call at 760.945.0010. We look forward to hearing from you!