Most homeowners have some sort of art displayed in their homes. Though each person may have different reasons for their tastes, deliberately chosen art can have a significant impact on the look of a particular room. The flooring and design experts at Unique Flooring in San Diego, CA, want to share a few ways art can spruce up your living space.

  1. By Adding Dimension
    There is no better way to add depth to a room than by displaying eye-catching art pieces. Canvases that pop off a wall, textured wall hangings, or modern sculptures all create dimension in an otherwise plain room or space. But art doesn’t necessarily have to be three-dimensional to create this effect. A photograph with an unusual perspective can work just as well as a sculpture.
  2. By Giving it a Deluxe Feel
    Artwork instantly adds elegance and a luxurious quality to a living space. It shows you have spent time on the beauty, not just the function, of a space. A few well-placed pieces can easily take a room from drab to palatial.
  3. By Adding Detail
    Modern design is clean and minimalistic. One of the best ways to add interesting detail to a modern aesthetic is to fill a room with art. Whether it’s a photograph, painting, or sculpture, a piece of artwork brings color, shape, lines, and general visual interest to a room.
  4. By Acting as a Distraction
    Sometimes old buildings are awkwardly designed, and new buildings sometimes have rooms with too much blank wall space. Using art to add a focal point to a room or to add interest to a boring space can help distract from the unpleasant aspects of the room.
  5. By Reflecting Your Personality
    A beautiful room should let people know a little bit about who you are. After all, it is the place where you should feel like you are in your own space. There is no better place to express your personality, and a dramatic piece of art is one of the easiest ways to leave an impression on your guests and make you feel like you are home.

Art isn’t limited to just paintings and sculptures. Flooring can also be used to express your artistic tastes. Consider creating a mosaic design with tile flooring or perhaps coming up with a distinct pattern for your new hardwood flooring. For more ideas to make your space shine, contact Unique Flooring today at 760-945-0010. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you.