5 Ways to Revitalize Your Small Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is one of the more intensive projects you can take on as a homeowner. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, the project may be especially tricky because you want to make sure you maximize your space as much as possible. The staff at Unique Flooring in Oceanside offers 5 tips to help you revitalize your small kitchen.

  1. Bring in Natural Light
    Using natural light in your kitchen is ideal, and you should strive to bring in more of it. For this purpose, install new windows that have clear glass. You could also decide to increase the size of your windows to brighten up the room. If it isn’t possible to make the window space larger, another option might be removing overhead cabinets that are touching your window to allow for more light penetration.
  2. Purchase a Sizeable Fridge
    In most kitchens, the fridge is usually the biggest appliance in the space. When buying a refrigerator, measure the size of your kitchen to determine a reasonable fridge size. For a very small space, opt for a deep freezer because it will offer the best service.
  3. Remove the Kitchen Doors
    Though not all kitchen have doors, some definitely do. When you open the door leading into a small kitchen, it can take up too much space. However, removing the door can be a great help in freeing up some space. If you really want doors in your kitchen, use sliding doors or those that open on the outside.
  4. Install White Floors
    With a small kitchen, it is not wise to use multiple colors on the floor or even the surfaces. Using light colors, preferably white tile flooring, can make your kitchen more appealing and appear larger. A variety of colors may make the kitchen look too complicated.
  5. Avoid Flashy Details
    Though mirrored surfaces may seem trendy when pictured in magazines, they may not be suitable for a small kitchen. Such surfaces are often appropriate for bigger spaces. Do not use too many details, and ornamentation should not be overdone because your kitchen will look busy and stuffed as a result.

For additional tips on how to transform your tiny kitchen into something fantastic, get in touch with Unique Flooring. We offer a wide selection of flooring materials, including the COREtec vinyl planks, Arizona tile, and Reward flooring Oceanside homeowners love. Give us a call at 760-945-0010 or stop by our showroom to see what we have to offer.