6 DIY Wall Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Painting is a home improvement project all property owners should attempt to do on their own. Do-it-yourself painting can be a very uplifting experience when the project is completed and the interior gets a new and improved look. However, the opposite effect can also occur when mistakes are made. Learning about the most common mistakes prior to tackling a painting session is the best way to avoid them. Here are six issues that can easily be prevented, brought to you by Unique Flooring, a trusted flooring store in Vista.
  1. Failure to Use Painter’s Tape
    Professional painters do not dare ply their trade without plenty of tape by their side. A polished finish depends on how carefully painter’s tape is applied and removed. The first step is choosing the tape. Masking tape will not cut it. The best choice is blue, stretchy tape specifically designed for painting. Anything that should not be painted over should be carefully taped, making sure the adhesion creates a tight seal that will not allow bleeding. Tape should not be removed until the final coat dries completely.
  2. Failure to Prep Adequately
    Drop cloths, newspaper, and taping are only the beginning of the process. Painters should not be afraid to move furniture completely out of the way even if it takes longer to do so, and the same goes for taking measurements prior to heading out to the paint store. The best projects are those that take longer to prep than to actually apply the paint. The goal should always be to have a list of items to purchase and questions to ask.
  3. Failure to Use Primer
    Unless the previous paint job is still in good shape, the best course of action is to always apply primer. Drywall interiors will always look better when a solid primer base is applied and allowed to dry.
  4. Failure to Follow Proper Painting Order
    When painting interiors, the ceiling always comes first. Leaving the ceiling as the last surface to paint can result in unwanted drips.
  5. Failure to Match Colors Properly
    Painter’s remorse is painful but easy to avoid. To prevent bad color matching, homeowners should try to reach out to relatives and friends who have a knack for interior design. Another idea is to use a smartphone to take various photos of the space and furniture before going to the paint store so the professionals can give their expert opinions.
  6. Failure to Clean and Prepare Surfaces
    To allow paint to perform its best coverage, it needs to stick to surfaces that have been thoroughly cleaned and prepped. When painting walls or ceilings, any existing paint that may be flaking or peeling off should be removed, scraped, and sanded away. This is particularly the case for glossy and acrylic paint. The amount of sanding should be enough to feel the paint starting to dissolve into particles. Once this point is reached, the washing process can begin.

For additional tips on avoiding common mistakes when renovating a home, reach out to Unique Flooring. We offer a wide array of attractive flooring materials, from hardwood to tile flooring. Vista homeowners can trust in us to provide the flooring materials they need, and we also offer installation services for those who don’t want to tackle flooring projects themselves. Give us a call today at 760-945-0010.