6 Home Design Trends to Consider for 2018

The interior setting of your home reflects your personality and tastes, making it necessary to keep it updated and contemporary. New trends emerge each year, so it’s essential to incorporate new designs and materials. When you’re ready to redecorate this year, there are a few home design trends to consider.

  1. Statement Ceilings
    Ceilings are becoming the focal point of rooms, with dramatic patterns and details used to draw the eye upward. Consider applying herringbone wallpaper to the ceiling or painting it an accent color that stands out in the space. Complete the look with chic and regal light fixtures or chandeliers to enhance the design of the room and make it look complete.
  2. Inspirational Spaces
    More people are transforming certain rooms of the home into a place where they can relax in an intimate setting and feel inspired. There is more design freedom that comes with inspirational spaces, and they often offer a view of the outdoors to make you feel at peace.
  3. Terrazzo Flooring
    Terrazzo flooring has increased in popularity by 316 percent this year for its retro look that nods to the 1970s but is still plenty chic. The material features chips of marble, glass, and cement but has a glossy finish that looks regal. It’s incredibly durable, is easy to clean, and hides scuffs on the floors easily.
  4. Bold Color Shades
    Although neutral color shades like beige and tan were popular in past years, bold color shades are now popular for added drama and flair. Consider coloring an accent wall a bright color or painting your bathroom cabinets a unique and unexpected shade.
  5. Spa Bathrooms
    Bathrooms are being transformed into spas that feel luxurious and can make for a relaxing retreat instead of just a place to get ready each morning. You can modify the bare or bland bathrooms in your home by using marble or quartz materials for the countertops, adding seating areas with upholstered furniture, and installing heated floors to create a cozy hideaway. Dimming the lights and adding heated towel hangers will also make you feel like you’re in a spa where you can recharge and get rejuvenated.
  6. Wide-Plank Wood Flooring
    In Vista, hardwood flooring continues to be the most popular material to use in residential properties, but the latest style is wide wood planks that make more of a statement. Install planks that are five inches wide, which create a rustic style in the home and look high-end due to fewer lines. Choose a light color shade of wood that opens up the home and allows it to appear more spacious.

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