When it comes to improving the overall quality and appeal of your residential property, the floor is one of the main features that stand out in the space. If the floors are outdated or worn, you may want to renovate them and update the materials. If you’re ready for a floor renovation project, there are a few mistakes to avoid during the process.

  1. Purchasing Cheap Materials
    Although many people want to save money when performing a renovation, purchasing cheap materials can lead to complications. Buying cheap flooring materials can affect the overall design of a home and prevent it from increasing in value once the project is completed.
  2. Underestimating the Budget
    It can be easy to underestimate how much a flooring renovation project will cost, which could cause you to spend more money when complications or issues occur. Make it a point to set aside money for unexpected problems that might arise to ensure the project can be completed without spending more than you anticipated.
  3. Measuring Improperly
    Space planning will determine if you have the right amount of carpet or hardwood floor planks to ensure every inch of the room or home is covered with the new material. You’ll need to double-check the measurements to ensure you order the right amount of supplies and don’t have gaps once the new material is installed.
  4. Trying to Do Everything Yourself
    DIY projects are often desirable for homeowners because it means they won’t have to pay a contractor to perform the labor. Although some homeowners may be skilled in home renovation, it’s important to hire a professional to restain wood floors or install carpet. If you do these yourself, you might make mistakes that end up costing you more to fix than it would have to hire a professional in the first place. Pay for high-quality contractors who have realistic prices to ensure you’re happy with the result.
  5. Installing the Wrong Flooring Material
    Although you may want your floors to look trendy, the material might look outdated in the few years, which could affect the value of your home. Instead, choose a flooring material that gives you a return on investment and will still look contemporary in a decade. Try not to choose something that will appeal to only a select few, such as a bright-colored carpet. San Diego homeowners should stick with a material that will complement a variety of decorating styles.
  6. Setting Unrealistic Timelines
    Renovating the floors can be a larger task than you expect due to issues that arise. Give yourself time, and remain flexible to avoid feeling frustrated if the project isn’t completed quickly. Taking your time to rip out the old floors and install a new material will ensure the final result looks professional.

Renovating floors requires careful planning and research. By knowing the top mistakes to avoid, you can have a smooth and successful renovation project that yields beautiful results. Avoiding these mistakes can protect your floors and reduce the risk of damage. If your floors do get damaged while you renovate, reach out to Unique Flooring, the San Diego floor refinishing experts. Visit us at our showroom in Oceanside or give us a call at 760-454-1436 for a free quote.