6 Nifty and Inventive Uses for Wallpaper

It might sound crazy, but wallpaper isn’t just for walls anymore. When you find a beautiful pattern you love, you don’t have to commit to putting it in an entire room or even on one accent wall. With these six clever uses for wallpaper, furnished by leading San Diego flooring company, Unique Flooring, you can pack a punch in a variety of ways around the home.

  1. Backing on shelves
    If you have wood shelves that feel dark and dreary, brighten them up by putting colorful wallpaper on the backing. You can also throw on a new coat of paint for an entirely new look.
  2. Hide furniture damage
    Sounds awesome, right? Rather than spending hours refinishing damaged wood, cover it up with wallpaper. You can paper the sides, the top, the door fronts, or cut some panels to go in the drawers. This is a great way to update bedroom furniture, like the headboard, even if it isn’t damaged.
  3. Dressy stair risers
    Stained stair treads? Not a problem. You can brighten up the stairwell by putting some colorful wallpaper on the risers. It’s an easy way to cover the rough wood surface or just sharpen up the look.
  4. Cheap beadboard
    Wallpaper comes in tons of wonderful textured finishes allowing you to have the look of beadboard without ever touching a saw or nail gun. It’s a quick and easy way to bring texture to any room.
  5. Look to the ceiling
    If you’ve got a small space that needs a little added interest, consider mounting some colorful wallpaper on the ceiling for a fun and fresh look. If you go this route, keep in mind darker papers will make the room feel smaller and the ceiling lower, so stick to light, bright colors.
  6. Arts and crafts
    Wallpaper can be applied to a variety of surfaces including wood and cardboard. Dress up a piece of wood and turn it into a key rack, use it for fun decorations during the holidays, or make custom art pieces for your living room.

There are countless ways to use wallpaper, and many of these ideas allow you to work with scraps or a partial roll. The next time you find a pattern you adore, buy it and put your creative cap on.

If wallpaper isn’t enough change and you’re ready for something bigger, like new flooring, give Unique Flooring in San Diego a call. We have flooring for every taste and budget including tile, carpet, laminate, and hardwood flooring. Head on over to our flooring showroom or request a free quote from a flooring specialist by phone at (760) 945-0010.