6 Unique Ways to Use Flooring Materials

There is more to flooring material than meets the eye. You might think wood, stone, polymers, and carpeting are only designed to provide comfortable and aesthetic surfaces to walk on. However, it is important to remember these are construction materials that can be used for various purposes. The Vista floor installation experts at Unique Flooring have put together a list of unexpected uses for flooring materials.

  1. Kitchen Island Decoration
    Ceramic tile is extremely versatile. Gourmet kitchens that have a center island can be spruced up with decorative tile patterns on each side. Most homeowners settle on mosaic tiles when they think about upgrading their kitchens. The idea is not so much to match the floor but to provide a pleasant contrast to the cabinetry design.
  2. Wall Decoration
    Natural wood planks can be salvaged, reclaimed, and recycled a few times, but there may come a time when installation technicians determine the original material can no longer be used as a floor surface. At this point, the homeowner can choose laminate or engineered hardwood flooring. In Vista and other cities, some homeowners have sanded down the salvaged planks and reconditioned them to use on the walls so the living space has a log cabin look.
  3. Bar Surfaces
    Adding a bar to your living room can be as easy as shopping for an affordable roll-away cabinet and a few stools. The issue with most of these bar cabinets is that the countertops tend to be made of plain laminate material that is not very resistant to spilled drinks. A good way to spice up these simple bars is to give them a makeover with a counter surface made of attractive flooring materials such as quartz or granite.
  4. Desk Surface or Backsplash
    Reclaimed natural wood planks often find their way to lumber mills so they can be made into firewood briquettes. An alternative would be to recondition and reshape the wood so it can be applied to the top of a desk or small table in a home office. Smaller amounts of recycled planks can be used as backsplash materials in the kitchen since they can always be painted.
  5. Permanent Headboard
    If you do not plan on moving your bedroom furniture around, you may want to consider a simple bed frame without a headboard. A nice ceramic arrangement can be installed in lieu of a headboard. In fact, the bed can be placed against an accent wall featuring a nice design of mosaic tiles.
  6. Entire Living Space
    Modern laminate materials are not just for flooring purposes. If you want to transform the entire look of a room in your house, you should look at laminate catalogs. Anything that can be placed on the floor can also be installed on the walls and even the ceiling. The rustic look is very popular these days, but there are many other ideas and possibilities.

These are just a few of the possibilities for using flooring materials in unique ways. Of course, you might just be looking for flooring to use in a traditional manner. From Arizona tile to Dream Weaver carpet, Vista homeowners can find what they’re looking for at Unique Flooring. Stop by our showroom or give us a call today at 760-945-0010.