7 Home Design Colors Trending This Summer

The summer season is when temperatures rise and there’s not a cloud in the sky. For many people, it’s important to change the color scheme and décor of the home to match the season. When you’re looking to redesign the space, you can add color to any part of your home, from the walls to your carpet. Carlsbad flooring and design experts share a few trending colors to incorporate into your interior setting this summer.

  1. Navy
    Navy is a nautical color shade that is unexpected for the warmer months ahead but can work well when paired with bright colors. Choose navy and white striped wallpaper to use on the walls or a navy trunk to use as a coffee table to draw more attention to other bright colors that are used with the décor.
  2. Mint
    Mint is a retro color that has a calming tone when you want to feel at ease in your bedroom or your kitchen. Use it in healthy doses to avoid overwhelming the space with the color, which can look bold on furniture pieces or your curtains.
  3. Red Orange
    Red orange is an exotic color that adds a touch of flair to the home when you need a pop of color that isn’t traditional. The vibrant shade is perfect to use with pillows on your furniture or with decals that can brighten up an accent wall and are easy to remove once fall arrives.
  4. Light Gray
    Gray is commonly used during the colder seasons of the year but can be embraced in the summer for its ability to contrast well with yellow, pink, and turquoise. Light gray isn’t overly moody and creates a cool and refreshing look.
  5. Yellow
    Yellow continues to remain a popular color trend for summer to resemble the sun and create a pleasant, uplifting environment. You can incorporate the color shade into your home with the artwork on display or accent pieces that sit on your shelves. Pair it with neutral colors to make it pop without creating too much drama.
  6. Coral
    Coral is a common shade that reminds most people of the sea and is a vibrant hue that can add plenty of life to your home. Opt for using coral accessories sparingly to ensure the color makes a statement without looking overwhelming. Use a coral blanket on the end of a bed or add a coral lamp in an entryway. Coral looks best when paired with white for the summer season.
  7. Lime Green
    Lime green will make your home look professionally designed due to its unique color shade, which looks stunning as a backdrop in a room. You can paint an accent wall green or use it on a bookshelf. Lime green looks appealing with colors like white, beige, and yellow.

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