7 Home Projects You Can Do Yourself Over the Weekend

Giving your home a much-needed update doesn’t always mean a huge investment of time or money. Whether you want to brighten up your curb appeal or add some architectural elements to your home, sometimes a few hours are all you need to dramatically transform your space. Here are seven home improvement projects you can wrap up over the weekend.

  1. Add Decorative Molding
    If you’re tired of looking at plain walls, a bit of molding can go a long way toward adding architectural interest and dimension. Decorative wall trim comes in many forms, including baseboards, crown molding, wainscoting, chair rails, and picture rails. With little more than a coping saw, power miter saw, finish nails, and a trip to the hardware store, you can add architectural interest and value to your home in a day.
  2. Update the Front Door
    Your front door is like your home’s smile, so it should be as bright and welcoming as possible. Along with a new coat of paint, you can also replace the hardware for a complete facelift. Don’t forget to add some bright potted flowers or an evergreen plant to finish the look of your updated entryway.
  3. Replace the Faucet
    Installing a new faucet is an easy and affordable way to add function to your kitchen while making a statement. Every week, you probably spend hours at your sink washing dishes and preparing food. A beautiful wp/mounted faucet, stainless steel commercial-style faucet, or a modern touchless faucet can make kitchen tasks easier and more enjoyable.
  4. Replace the Bathroom Floor
    If the tile in your bathroom is showing its age or just not your style, the good news is retiling a bathroom can be done over the weekend, even without professional experience. The difficulty of installing a tile floor depends on the type of material you choose when you visit your local flooring store in Carlsbad. Tile flooring made of ceramic or porcelain is a better DIY choice than natural stone like granite or slate. If you aren’t quite up to tile, you can also try your hand at vinyl or laminate.
  5. Create a Laundry Station
    Make laundry easier and more enjoyable with a dedicated workstation. Creating a laundry station with storage and space for folding is a simple DIY project if you choose pre-assembled stock countertops and utility wall cabinets.
  6. Add Rollouts to the Kitchen
    A rollout can maximize the space inside your kitchen cabinets by allowing you to reach items at the back of the cabinet with ease. Rollout kits are usually designed to be mounted to existing shelves with screws for a simple installation.
  7. Install a Backsplash
    Depending on the type of material you choose, a backsplash can be an easy DIY project to speed up kitchen cleanup and add color and texture to your kitchen. Popular do-it-yourself backsplash options include tin tiles, wallpaper, peel-and-stick subway tiles, and glass tiles.

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