A staircase is more than a means of traveling from one floor to another. It is an architectural statement; a statement of who you are, and an important part of your home’s décor.

A well-designed set of stairs is beautiful in form and function. Your stairs may curve upward, they may flare, or be as tailored as a buttoned-down shirt. The color, design, and materials used cause each staircase to be as individual as your personal taste. So how do you go about picking the right staircase for your home and personality? Unique Flooring, San Diego’s trusted flooring store, offers a bit of information to help guide you in the right direction!

Types of Staircases
Stairs come in all forms. The curved staircase is elegant in form. You can picture your daughter sweeping down this stair on prom night. Flared stairs widen as they descend, saying “welcome home” every time you come in the door. The classic, square staircase with sturdy balustrades (railings) looks durable and timeless. Other types of staircases are circular or open rise, which add a modern touch to your home.

Materials for Staircases
Staircases were originally built of stone or brick. Now, there is no end to the beautiful materials used for stairs. Concrete can be used for any shape of staircase construction, and it strong and durable. Granite cladding is often added to a concrete stair for beauty. Wooden flooring for the stairs are classic, but can blend with any décor. Wood can also be polished, stained, or painted, and blended with curved, carved, or decorative metal balusters to update the style of any home.

New materials being used to build stairs include new varieties of glass and solid surface materials in the form of tile. The solid surface staircase can have the appearance of natural materials such as stone or granite, with the benefit of low maintenance and variations in color and texture.

Other Features
Many homes use the space under staircases for storage. Built-in cabinetry can become a unique space for coats, toys, even sports equipment. Tucking a first floor powder room under the stairway is convenient without taking square footage from other living spaces.

How to Get Started
Whatever form you choose, whatever building material you choose, the staircase will always be one of the most important design features in your home. To help you get started on which materials and how to best blend your staircase in with the décor of your home, reach out to us at 760-945-0010. We can help answer any of your questions and show you the best options for wood, carpet or tile flooring in San Diego.