Laundry room floors need to be waterproof and capable of withstanding various other types of damage, which makes hardwood and carpet the wrong choices for this type of space. However, there are plenty of other flooring materials that are both durable and attractive, and the flooring experts at Unique Flooring in San Diego want to share a few of those options.

Cement floors are easy to install, they come in a variety of colors and textures, and they can even be stained or painted to meet your tastes. Cement is known for being waterproof and lasting for a long time, which makes it perfect for a laundry room. These floors can even be slanted and equipped with a drain so the water will have somewhere to go if the washing machine overflows.

Vinyl floors are synthetic, durable, inexpensive, and a DIY-savvy homeowner who can measure and use a utility knife can easily install a vinyl floor in their laundry room over the weekend. Vinyl comes in sheets and tiles, and vinyl planks have also become popular because they are made to look like expensive wood floors. Vinyl floors are a great option for a laundry room because they don’t warp and are mold and moisture resistant.

Linoleum floors are made from mostly natural materials, and they are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. Linoleum works well in laundry areas because it is water resistant. If you apply a sealer to a linoleum floor, it also becomes resistant to dirt and stains.

Tile floors are shiny and beautiful, but the installation may require a professional. However, tile is known for being durable and waterproof, which is why many homeowners choose it for their laundry rooms. The tile flooring San Diego residents prefer is also easy to clean and comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

Cork floors are less expensive than cement or tile, and they are easy to install. Cork is a natural product that resists mold and mildew and repels dust and hair, all of which are commonly found in laundry rooms. If a water barrier sealer product is applied to a cork floor, it also becomes water resistant.

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