Who says you have to pick just one type of flooring for your entire home? In fact, different types of flooring are better suited for different rooms, so it’s a good idea to mix it up with different textures and styles! Not sure where to begin? Check out our flooring selection guide to help you pick the appropriate type of floor for each room of your home.

Kitchen & Dining Room
With open concept living spaces in popular demand, the kitchen and dining room are often connected, making it best if the flooring is the same. Affordable tile flooring is a great option because it can handle the occasional spill or dropped food item. Tile floors clean easily and require minimal maintenance, ideal for busy homeowners.

Living Room
Not only is hardwood flooring the most desired flooring in American living rooms, it also adds elegance while still offering ease of maintenance with an easy to clean surface. The appearance of hardwood flooring varies based on your tastes, but is available at various price points to accommodate all budgets. If you are unsure about installing an expensive solid hardwood, there are engineered hardwoods with durable bottom layers that offer the same appearance on the top, but are available at a lower price point.

Carpeting is still the king of the bedroom. Plush carpet is always a welcome and comfortable flooring option to wake up to on cold mornings. But if your carpet is outdated, riddled with stubborn stains or decades old it might be time to check the San Diego carpet selections at Unique Flooring. Today’s technology has allowed carpets to be more resilient than ever before, with many made of stain-resistant fibers that are easy to clean, ensuring your carpets look great for longer.

When choosing flooring for your bathroom it’s especially important to pick a water-resilient material that can withstand constant steam, moisture and heat. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice that will be long-lasting and affordable. In addition, there are many patterns and variations available which allows homeowners to create the perfect ambiance and aesthetic appearance. Be sure to avoid laminate flooring as it will break down under the pressure of constant moisture, warping and coming up at the seams.

Laundry Room
Flooring in this room needs to be strong and durable, likevinyl. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, water resistant and won’t become easily soiled. An added bonus of vinyl is that it can shield loud laundry room sounds, which is particularly important if you have a laundry room located on the second story of a home.

If you’re still unsure of what flooring would be best for each room in your home, the professionals at Unique Flooring in San Diego would be happy to conduct a free in-home consultation. We can meet with you to discuss which areas of your home experience the most traffic, your personal style and tastes, and your budget.