Best Woods for an Outdoor Deck

A deck can be a wonderful addition to your home, especially if you live in America’s Finest City. It offers you a convenient place to step outside and fire up the grill or just sit and enjoy a summer day. It is going to be a part of your house for years to come, so it’s important to take your time and carefully decide what type of wood you want to use. Here are the top three choices, brought to you by Unique Flooring of San Diego.

  1. Pressure Treated Lumber
    Pressure treated lumber is probably the least expensive option you’ll find and one of the most common thanks to its low price and longevity. It tends to cost around $0.70 a lineal foot, is very easy to work with, and is stainable and rot resistant. The main problem is that treated lumber typically comes wet and saturated with the preservative chemicals. As it dries, it is subject to significant shrinkage and possible warping. If you go with treated lumber, make sure you select premium boards, which are less likely to warp.
  2. estern Red Cedar
    This is a beautiful reddish-brown hardwood that is naturally resistant to the extremes that weather will throw at it. By adding a stain or a sealer you can preserve the original color of the wood, or you can allow it to fade to a silver-gray color. It is a fairly soft wood so it is easy to work with, and the price varies by the type that you want. Knotty six-inch deck boards run around $1.60 a lineal foot while clear boards are roughly $3.80.
  3. Ipe’
    For pure hardiness, this wood is the way to go. It is an import from South America that is extremely dense and durable. It is so hard that it is almost as difficult to burn as concrete. This makes it rot and bug resistant to an extent that domestic lumber cannot match. It also makes it a bit harder to work with, often requiring pre-drilling and counter-sinking for the screws. It is a bit more expensive than other woods and available at about $4 a lineal foot, but it will also wear better than the others.

If doing the deck isn’t enough, go for the whole shebang and redo your interior floors as well. Unique Flooring offers a wide selection of flooring, including tile, plush carpet, and exotics hardwoods. Come on down to our showroom, or call us at (760) 945-0010 to schedule a free consultation today!