Spring is officially here, and there is no better time to spruce up your home than now. If you’re on a budget (as most of us are), the design experts at San Diego flooring company, Unique Flooring, suggest these fun, easy, and cheap DIY projects.

Hula Hoop Chandelier
If you’ve got a hula hoop, tape and maybe some ribbon or lace lying around the house, you can spruce up your backyard porch with a hula hoop chandelier. You can wrap the lights tightly, or drape them for a more ethereal effect, then use ribbon or twine tie to the roof or a rafter. You can also pick up a few more hula hoops, spray paint them, and make a neat cage chandelier like the one here made by an HGTV designer.

Pebble Mat
With a rubber bath mat, glue, and river rocks from the dollar store, you can easily fix up a pebble mat to use as a spa-like bath mat or creative welcome mat. If a large mat is too much commitment, try making smaller versions for placemats, trivets, or coasters instead.

Decoupage Dresser or Bookshelf
This is a great activity you can even do with kids. Colorful scrapbook paper, wallpaper or fabric on the drawers of a dresser, the shelves on a bookshelf, or the top of a table will add a personal touch to any room of the house.

Basket Towel Rack
Head to the dollar store and pick up 3 or so sturdy baskets in different sizes for the bathroom. At home, nail the flat bottom of the basket to the wall, so the opening is pointing forward. These can act as shelves to store towels, washcloths, diffusers, or other toiletries.

Scrabble Coasters
Have an old Scrabble game neglected somewhere deep inside a closet? Put it to use by making coasters. Glue the letter blocks together in a 4×4 square and make sure you let them sit for a full day before using. You can even get creative and spell out words such as “drink” “wine” or “java,” or the names of everyone who lives in the house.

Personalized Bulletin Board
Start out with corkboard and get creative! Decide what room this will be in, the kitchen, office, or a child’s room are all good choices. Then, plan a design that goes with the theme of the room. You can paint the trim, make geometric designs with colorful duct tape or Washi tape, or spell out the name of your little one.

DIY projects are a fun way to spend the weekend, but you don’t want to find yourself caught in the middle of a project you can’t complete. That’s why bigger projects, like replacing your old flooring, are better left to floor experts. If you’ve been thinking about new flooring for summer, perhaps hardwood or easy-to-clean premium laminate, let Unique Flooring of San Diego help. Call us at (760) 945-0010 or swing by our showroom today!