Completely waterproof flooring in an Oceanside, CA home

Can waterproof flooring be impervious to a liquid?

Yes, and it’s a matter of the combination of inherent waterproof properties plus construction. Some start with a material, such as vinyl, that’s already naturally waterproof. Then add in the many layers and some technologically advanced cores, and you have the highest level of protection with a completely waterproof flooring.

Waterproof vinyl flooring: style, savings, durability

This waterproof flooring is engineered luxury vinyl, available with a WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite) core that won’t peel or ripple no matter how long it's submerged. We know someone who spends half the year in another state. The person who was to check on the home didn’t look in for four weeks; there was an appliance flood, so who knows how long the water was there. They had waterproof flooring, so there was no damage.

While both WPC and SPC cores deliver the ultimate protection, there’s a difference in feeling. SPC is also known as SPC rigid core; it’s excellent for both residential and commercial applications. WPC is a little softer, warmer, and less rigid and is used mainly in residential installations.

A realistic echo of wood, stone, or tile, the images are so realistic people want it no matter where they live or what room they install. Everything is high tech, with 3D photography, digital printing, and embossing that adds depth, dimension, and textured features. It can be cut into planks or square tile-sized pieces.

About waterproof laminate flooring

Yes, there is such a thing! Waterproof laminate has a stronger core and a backing that absorbs water. It can’t seep through the flooring to stain. The laminate acts a little differently than vinyl because it’s waterproof from the top, meaning you can pour the liquid, and it won't be affected. Vinyl is waterproof from both the top and bottom, so you can pour liquid on it and submerge it.

We’ll sort it out for you and advise you on the right kind of waterproof flooring for your needs. Visit the Unique Flooring showroom in Oceanside, CA. We serve Orange County, especially the areas in and around Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista.