Seasoned hardwood floors have a warm patina and character that feels welcoming and homey. But what do you do with the aged wood flooring when it has to be replaced? Well, there are a number of easy DIY projects that repurpose vintage hardwoods.

  1. Create an accent wall.
    Your old floor can become an important design element in your home. Consider creating an accent wall in the den or game room using the boarding in a diagonal design. Your friends will wonder who your high-end designer is.
  2. Make a kitchen backsplash.
    A rustic wood backsplash will look right at home in a country kitchen, or, juxtapose your aged wood with industrial-looking stainless steel fixtures. The wood is durable, washable, and will add an interesting focal point to the kitchen.
  3. Build a picnic table.
    Continue to get pleasure from the wood in your old floor by building a picnic table for the backyard or patio. You can even build a smaller version for the children or grandchildren. Your new picnic table can be refinished or painted for a pop of color in the yard.
  4. Add a bookcase.
    The old hardwood flooring is perfect to repurpose as a bookcase, either a built-in unit to flank the television or as a stand-alone bookcase. The shelves can hold more than books, too. The hardwood of the bookcase is a perfect spot to display family photos and show off art objects.
  5. Create a homework or crafts area in a child’s bedroom.
    Across one wall of your child’s room, extend a shelf about two boards deep at desk height for them to use as a homework desk or as a work area for art projects and hobbies. If you like, build cubbies under each end of the shelf to hold toys, backpacks, or art supplies.
  6. Make unique picture frames.
    Create frames on the wall to show off art projects or design elements. This could be a wonderful way to highlight a special family picture or an especially memorable vacation photo.
  7. Build an island.
    That is, build a kitchen island. The warm tones of your old flooring will look great as a useful piece of furniture in the heart of your home. Add an open shelf under the island for storage.

The hardwood that once graced your floors can be repurposed in many ways. With a little effort and a lot of imagination, old flooring can become a new and improved part of your home.

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