Maintaining a home can be costly, and sometimes this leaves little money for the splashes of decoration you want to add to certain spaces. However, there are many ways to change up the aesthetics in your home while keeping your budget in mind. The design experts at Unique Flooring, a trusted supplier of flooring in Oceanside, have a few suggestions to creatively decorate without breaking the bank.

Create Your Own Designs
One of the easiest ways you can save money while decorating your home is to make items yourself. For instance, build a headboard with a large piece of wood and transform it into any shape you want. Add your favorite material and other decorations so you have a unique piece for the bedroom. You can also make slipcovers for dining room chairs or cover an ottoman with new material for a different look.

Get Creative with Storage
Instead of buying tables, cabinets, and other items that can add up quickly in price and take up a lot of precious space, consider using furniture and decorations that can be used in multiple ways. Consider getting a couch for the living room with storage underneath for books and magazines, or create a loft design by adding large pillows to the couch and an ottoman that also has storage underneath. A bookcase can be used to display not only books and magazines, but also the small trinkets that seem to have no other place to sit in the home.

Make the Lights Brighter
It might seem simple, but adding brighter lighting can transform an entire room. Change the lights in the kitchen to fluorescent, which gives a soft glow to the room while making it easier to see because the light is brighter than a traditional bulb. Add color to the lighting by painting a lampshade so the hues glow on the wall.

Design Upward
Don’t think you only have the option of adding decorations to the floor or the furniture. You can add picture frames on the wall or large letters painted to match the other colors in the home. Extend your design ideas in an upward manner, utilizing the ceiling space when needed by hanging lights or fans for decoration.

If you’re looking for some beautiful, durable, and affordable flooring options to bring a new element to your home, consider the Kahrs, Armstrong, and Elegance flooring Oceanside homeowners often choose. At Unique Flooring, we offer a wide variety of flooring options, and we’re confident we can find one to meet your aesthetic and budgetary needs. Give us a call today at 760-945-0010 for a free quote.