Do You Need New Carpet Padding?

Carpet itself is often soft, but the main thing that keeps your feet so comfortable in your home is the padding hiding underneath the carpet. Though carpet is usually easy to clean, the padding is less accessible and more susceptible to damage. The flooring and design experts at Unique Flooring in San Diego are here to answer your questions about when and why your carpet padding might need replacing.

Can You Tell When Your Padding Needs to Be Replaced?
Without underlay, your carpet is only fabric lying on a hard surface, and both layers must bear the wear and tear of people, pets, furniture, and regular cleanings. Signs that the carpet pad has outlived its usefulness are unevenness, wrinkles, or a crinkling sound when walking across the carpet. You may also feel looseness or lack of padding when walking across the carpet barefoot.

Will It Save You Money in the Long Run?
Installing new padding along with new carpet is a smart investment. Padding is relatively cheap, and the longer carpet lasts, the more you can save on future replacements. Carpet pads also offer extra insulation over a cold floor, which could save on heating bills.

Is It Worn Down?
Carpet padding reduces damage to your expensive carpeting. Tears, matting, and visible wear are a good sign both the carpet and padding should be replaced. Even if the carpet is showing most of the damage, placing new carpet flooring over a worn pad is just delaying the inevitable.

Does It Smell?
You may notice a lingering odor on your carpet even after it has been cleaned. Most likely, especially if you have pets, the cause of the smell has penetrated through the carpet and into the padding where it can’t simply be washed out. To remove the smell, you’ll need to replace the padding.

How Old Is It?
Even if the carpet looks and feels okay, if it has been in place for many years, check the condition of the padding. The underlay may be less durable over time as it bears the brunt of traffic and regular cleanings. If the pad has seen better days, the carpet is likely in need of replacement as well.

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