Choosing carpet for the floors in your home means you’ll get a very welcoming appearance, the softest possible underfoot feel, and an extensive list of benefits. It could be the absolute best decision for your lifestyle.

Once you’ve finalized your decision for this flooring line, you might wonder about the various carpet installation methods. Are there unique methods for each type of flooring in this line?

Which methods for which carpet?

There are three most common methods for installing your carpet flooring. Not every technique is perfect for every fiber and material, but our associates will make sure to make a perfect match between product and service.

The glue-down method is relatively simple and merely encompasses gluing the floor covering directly to the flooring underneath. Most often used in commercial applications, the subfloor must be completely clean and level for the best adhesion.

The double glue down method, which offers much more comfort, involves first gluing the floor covering to dense, thick padding, and then gluing the padding directly to the flooring beneath. The method alleviates buckles and rippling and is excellent for shorter fibers.

The stretch installation method is probably the most common, especially for residential settings. Great care is taken to pad the flooring properly and then stretch the flooring to perfect, alleviating the possibility of bunching, buckling, or premature wear. Plush, lengthy materials are best suited for this type of installation.

As with any installation, we will consider your specific requirements and preferences to make sure you get the best experience for your flooring. If you have questions further, be sure to reach out, or stop by and see us in person.

Our showroom offers excellent carpet flooring

Unique Flooring is proud to serve the communities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista, all from our Oceanside, CA showroom. There, you’ll find an outstanding inventory of in-stock flooring that our experienced flooring associates can match perfectly to your requirements.

We’ll also make sure to match you with the necessary services, such as the perfect carpet installation methods. The only thing better than picking the ideal carpet is finding it perfectly installed as well.