San Diego often called “America’s Finest City,” so it’s only appropriate that the residents choose the finest flooring installation possible, carpet.

That’s because it’s not only pretty, elegant and adds sophistication to your home, but it’s also a workhorse, with a lot of benefits. Here are just five.

Yes, it can be good for those with allergies and asthma

Here’s why: Pollutants and undesired particles get trapped into the fibers where they remain until they’re deep-scrubbed with professional cleaning. That means the particles don’t fly around. That improves your indoor air quality.

Note: It is important to have your carpet cleaned professionally. You don’t want those things to accumulate, especially if you sit on the floor. Soil and dirt will make your rug look dull and matted and stains will set, making the installation always looking a little grubby.

It will also save you money by extending the life of the surface.

Many manufacturers now include clauses stating that the rug must be cleaned at certain intervals or the warranty will be invalid.

It insulates against noise

Sometimes those footsteps from other rooms can drive you crazy--not to mention beeping devices and muffled phone conversation. If it’s a two-story home, carpet provides a cushion between the floors, but even if the home is all on one floor, it will cushion sounds. The fabric absorbs vibrations so they won't bounce around all over the walls.

Other benefits include

●Providing safety. Since it has excellent traction, kids and pets can run without slipping, crashing into walls and possibly injuring themselves. While any fall isn’t a good thing, it is better to do it on a soft surface than a hard one.
●Carpet can either visually expand the room or distinguish spaces within the open plan. When the installation is wall-to-wall, there are no visual breaks which can make the space seem larger. Alternatively, if your home has an open layout that combines several areas into one room, you can separate spaces, such as the living and dining areas, with different, but coordinating, rugs.
●Style and technology. It’s evolved to include a wide assortment of colors and styles. New technology includes stain-resistant, pet-friendly and sustainable items.

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