Flooring styles and trends tend to change and usually become outdated for various reasons. In times past patterned flooring was very popular but selection was problematic and customers were only able to choose from a select few popular styles. In more recent years, customers have had more options than they know how to handle- in style, pattern, texture and cost. This is partially because patterned flooring has been booming and is becoming more popular than ever before.

We’re not talking about the obnoxiously bright and printed patterns you’d see in home during the 70s. Instead, carpets are patterned during the manufacturing and tufting process, commonly resulting in subtle vine and square textures. These patterned carpets add a soft but unique two dimensional element in a room while easily being added into your home’s preexisting upholstery and fixtures.

Interior designers are using patterned flooring more than ever, not only in residential homes but it is also becoming extremely popular in commercial buildings. Commercial interior decorating can be challenging as a designer attempts to remove the sterile ambience replacing it with richness and panache. A patterned floor can transform a mind numbing office interior into a vibrant room. It can also alter dull home interiors into rooms of comfort, adding depth and dimension while complimenting the existing decor.

Although designers have become quite adept using the standbys such as stone, ceramic, woods and vinyl as their go-to flooring, the growing demand is for new carpeting with quirk and color. No longer is carpeting considered a lesser flooring alternative or a “quick fix.” Carpet mills have been exceedingly creative and imaginative in weaving colorful, rich, vibrant carpeting in the recent years.

Olefin and nylon materials are commonly used but wool has been making a comeback as well. Using saxony and plush styles along with velvet-textured materials can establish a room with a refined ambience.

Is patterned carpeting too big a leap for you? Try sticking with the still popular new beige carpeting and spice it up with a patterned area rug! New flooring should suite your personal style, budget and floor plan. If you need some help deciding which direction to take with your home’s new flooring, call the San Diego flooring professionals at Unique Flooring, 760.945.0010. We would be happy to set up a free consultation.