For young couples who are eager to get their new life started, finding the right living space is a challenge when money is tight. Transforming a typical San Diego bachelor pad into couples retreat, on a budget, will take team work and a little bit of sweat equity. To make a space comfortable for both partners, there are a few specific projects that will get the job done and won’t break the bank.

Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform a living space. Because men tend to gravitate toward darker colors, adding a new coat of bright paint can change the feel of the overall space while making the space appear larger. Various shades of white, grey and blue are all known to promote a relaxing atmosphere and with the right accent colors and décor, can be suitable for both men and women, not appearing to feminine.

Flooring goes a long way in transforming a textbook bachelor pad, and with innovations in laminate materials it’s the perfect DIY project for an energetic couple. Durable laminate flooring can replicate virtually any traditional material. From a popular wood species like pine, to weathered barn board or polished marble, laminate flooring will transform any living space, bachelor pad or not.

Often overlooked, especially by bachelors, fixed interior lighting can be outdated, inefficient, and even unsafe. Couples with a flair for DIY can easily replace older fixtures with more modern lighting that looks great and is effective in areas like the kitchen, bath, and dining room. Most lighting installations will require minimal hand tools and possibly the convenience of a cordless screwdriver. Care should be taken to always make certain that power to the fixture is turned off (this means at the main panel). Upgraded lighting will do wonders for a drab living space.

One Project at a Time
From bachelor pad to couples retreat on a budget, prioritize your DIY projects and don’t spread yourself too thin. Tackle one project at a time, take a break, and move on to the next one. As a premier flooring company in San Diego, our first pick would be the floors, however, start with whichever project you feel most comfortable with. And if you would like to learn more about your flooring options, don’t hesitate to reach out to our flooring and design specialists at 760-945-0010.