Flip through the channels on TV and odds are you will find a home improvement show about flipping or remodeling houses. Many houses end up with beautiful new hardwood flooring, granite countertops and custom cabinets, all painstakingly installed by craftsmen paid for by the network’s dollars. But what about the rest of us who might not have a million-dollar listing or a made-for-TV budget?

Since not every house needs hardwood floors to keep their charm, there is a current trend toward stylish products that give an upscale look without an upscale price tag. Whether you are looking for carpet, tile or a wood look, flooring manufacturers have responded with an array of options that have the look you want for a price that keeps the budget happy.

  • Eco-Friendly Carpet
    Seen by many as out outdated and boring option, carpet has declined in popularity since the 1970’s and 80’s. However, carpet manufacturers are uniting current design trends with a sense of environmental friendliness with lines of “Green” carpets made from recycled nylon and polyester. With a sculptured or patterned look, you can add just the right level of personality to your home with the warmth and comfort that carpeting provides. You’d be surprised how modern carpet flooring in San Diego can look!
  • Oversized Tiles
    Tiles are bigger and bolder with striking patterns that can mimic wood, concrete or other textures. Rectangular shapes from subway tile up to 12″ x 24″ are seeing more use in today’s remodeling projects. They provide a modern look to almost any room and the size of the tiles can make a room seem much larger than it is in reality. And because oversized tiles are extremely durable, they can be used in almost any room from the bathroom to the kitchen.
  • Luxury Laminate
    You heard us right – luxury and laminate can in fact be in the same sentence. To get a wood look in a wet area like a bathroom, kitchen or laundry area, more and more remodelers are looking to luxury laminate to fit the bill. These products can be installed over just about any smooth surface just as you would a floating laminate floor. Advances in technology have made the patterns and textures come alive with the look and feel of real wood captured in them.

So with the trend being a more cost-conscious consumer and the manufacturers being on board with providing lower cost options, even more innovation and product selection is sure to come.

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