How Often Should You Steam Carpets?

Today, many builders, interior designers and homeowners have a preference for hardwood floors throughout the home; however there are many instances when carpet is the most appropriate option. Carpet continues to be the most comfortable flooring material, offering a plush feeling under foot and serving as a way to add warmth to any room. Because of this, it isn’t uncommon for a homeowner to install hardwood or tile in all rooms except for the bedrooms or a frequently used living area.

Knowing that a number of San Diego homes still have carpet floors, it is no surprise that one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is, “how often should I steam clean my carpets?” Although each manufacturer has their own recommended time frame, generally speaking, you should steam your carpets about every 18 months. Can’t remember the last time you got your carpets professional steamed? It may be time for new carpeting all together! Learn about the premier carpeting brands San Diego homeowners love, most of which now include stain blocking fibers.

Steam cleaning every 18 months may at first seem excessive. However, even if you vacuum routinely, dirt and allergens can become trapped within the fibers of your carpet. Steam cleaning is an effective way to remove the debris, creating a healthy and clean environment for your family to relax and play. Routine carpet steaming promotes enhanced health, which alone can be enough motivation to schedule a steam cleaning appointment.

This leads us to another frequently asked question, “can I steam my carpets too much?” If you have children or pets, steam cleaning more often than 18 months may be necessary. Fortunately, there really is no such thing as steaming your carpets too much. Most companies use a hot water method, which minimizes the chemicals required needed to clean your carpets and thus resulting in a safe and effective process. However, lower quality carpets may not hold their plush feel if they are steamed every few weeks.

Steam cleaning also helps enhance the lifespan of your carpet, making sure that your flooring investment is protected for years to come! If you are looking to buy flooring in San Diego for your home, apartment or condo, head down to Unique Flooring today and view our options for carpeting, and browse through our other flooring materials to ensure you find just the right solution for your needs and preferences.

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