Carpet durability is determined by the quality of the brand, correct padding, and especially a proper installation. A professional installation team has the knowledge and equipment to lay carpet so that it is adequately stretched with properly aligned seams. Unique Flooring, located in Oceanside, California, provides an experienced team of installers who always get the job done right. We also offer a large selection of high-quality carpeting and other floorings. Our flooring specialists can guide you through the decision-making process.

Carpet installation

Wrinkles can develop during the lifespan of a carpet if it is not installed properly, and then fibers begin to degrade. To ensure satisfactory stretching, installers use a carpet stretcher to pull the carpet into place. A seam roller and knee-kicker are two more specialized pieces of equipment that are used to complete the job. Carpeting can be installed over some existing flooring and on a concrete slab. Expect installers to have practiced skills, like lining up multi-color or patterned carpet and seamlessly joining different types of flooring between rooms.

Carpet padding

The longevity of carpet flooring is also affected by the type of padding that is placed under it. Padding, often composed of polyurethane foam, absorbs the impact of foot traffic. It provides the foundation, or structure, for carpet. Without it, the backing will break. What’s more, padding helps your vacuum cleaner clean more efficiently since it raises the carpet slightly. Most carpets need a pad that is 7/16-inch high. A 3 to 10-pound density is common. An 8+ pound pad is preferable with a 10+ year carpet. Some warranties list specific requirements for the padding. 

Unique Flooring
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