How to Allergen-Proof your Home

Painful and frustrating allergens can flare up on a moment’s notice, causing many San Diegans irritating discomfort. Even though most allergens do not cause major damage, there are some that can inhibit breathing and overall quality of life. Therefore, it’s important to keep as many allergens out of your house as possible. Here are some ways to allergen-proof your home:

Kill Bugs
Many bugs like cockroaches can contribute to allergic reactions. Getting rid of these little critters can be a pain, but it is possible through the use of a quality exterminator. They’re attracted to food, so they are more likely to be around kitchens or anywhere food is eaten. This is another reason to make sure you keep the tile flooring in your kitchen clean and free of fallen food particles.

Change Your Furnace Filter
Furnaces and air conditioning units have filters that catch many of the dust and allergen particles that can spread throughout your home. Over time, dust accumulates in these filters and makes them less effective. Changing the filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations will help cut down on the allergens floating around your home.

Don’t Get Pets
While there are many benefits to getting a fluffy four-legged friend to play with, they can also come with built-in allergens. One of the more common allergies people suffer with is related to pet dander. If you know that you’re allergic to pets, avoid getting one or get used to popping an anti-allergen pill every day.

Get the Proper Flooring
Allergens like to settle in fabrics and flooring. Allergens can easily build up in rugs and carpets if they’re not consistently and thoroughly cleaned. Hire a professional cleaner at least once every three months or consider switching over to a wood or laminate flooras a great way to cut down on both the allergens in your home and cleaning costs.

Following these steps will not get rid of every allergen in your home environment, but they will make your living space more comfortable for allergy sufferers. Once you see the improved health and wellness, the extra steps you take to clean and maintain an allergen-free home will be worth the time spent.

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