Moving to a new home can be a tedious process that requires a significant amount of time and energy. While transporting furniture items and heavy appliances out of the building, it’s easy for the floor to become damaged during the process. If you want to protect your floors and reduce the risk of dents or scratches, there are a few necessary steps to take.

Cover Wood Floors
Hardwood floors can easily be damaged and should be protected when moving. Make it a point to cover the floors as you move to ensure they’re protected from items that are dropped on the floor or dragged. Shock-absorbing protective mats can be used on areas where there’s a high level of traffic and can be cut to different shapes or sizes, depending on the surface area. Protective runners or rugs can also be added for extra padding that creates a barrier.

Measure Large Furniture Items
You’ll need to plan for larger items you want to move to ensure everything fits down hallways and through doorways before you begin the heavy lifting. Larger dressers or couches need to be measured to create a plan of action on the best way to move the items out and prevent accidents that could lead to damage on the floors. You can also cover the feet or edges of the furniture items with extra padding to ensure they don’t cause damage if they’re dropped on the floor.

Use a Dolly
Although certain items may be heavy to move, it’s important to avoid dragging the furniture, which can lead to significant damage on the floors. You’ll need to use professional equipment like dollies with rubber tires to ensure you can transport everything out of the home with ease.

Shampoo the Carpets
Stains and dirt can accumulate on carpet as multiple people walk in and out of the home on moving day. Consider having the floors professionally cleaned to ensure the stains are removed and don’t cause permanent damage to the carpet. In San Diego, many homeowners opt to add padding to the entrance of rooms where carpet is present to prevent excess wear on the fibers of the material.

Use Shoe Covers
Shoe covers are an ideal item to provide to people who are helping you move because they ensure dirt stays out of the building while everyone walks in and out of the home. You can also consider designating people to work in or outside of the building. Those who are working inside of the building can move boxes to those who are outside of the house, which can prevent people from tracking dirt in.

Knowing the right steps to take to protect your floors can reduce the risk of damage. You can have a smooth and successful move without having to perform repairs on the home. If you do happen to damage your floors while moving, contact Unique Flooring, the San Diego floor refinishing experts. We also carry a wide away of high-quality flooring materials, from hardwood to carpet. Come visit our showroom in Oceanside, or give us a call at 760-454-1436 for a free quote.