If you cringe every time you look down at your home’s flooring, it’s time to think about investing in a new look. Hardwood, laminate, tile and carpet are just a few of the affordable flooring choices available today at Unique Flooring in San Diego, CA. The best way to budget for new flooring is to have a set monetary goal and then to commit to saving up for it with every paycheck. Know that once you reach your goal you’ll be able to transform the home’s appearance with this one dramatic change.

Start with a Free In-Home Estimate
Many companies, such as Unique Flooring, offer free estimate to give you an idea of your potential flooring budget. They’ll bring in samples, measure the space, and discuss your various flooring needs with you. Estimates can be a helpful tool, arming you with the knowledge you need to save up for your affordable new flooring.

Automatic Checking to Savings Transfers
With an accurate estimate in mind, you need to create a saving strategy. Consider setting up automatic transfers between your checking and savings accounts. Once a week you can send $50 to $300 into your untouchable savings account. Each transfer will quickly add up without you realizing it, providing you with the money you need in a matter of months.

Spare Change Jar
It may be old-fashioned, but pulling out a large jar and filling it with spare change is an easy way to accumulate some extra cash. Coins that end up in the couch or car will suddenly appear like gold in your eyes, slowly building enough money for the flooring budget.

Plan a Yard Sale
Clean out the closets and garage with a successful yard sale. Any profits should be directed into your savings where it will accumulate interest until the flooring bill is due. You’ll also appreciate getting rid of excess clutter, freeing up household space to make the flooring installation easier.

Start looking at flooring samples today by stopping into the Unique Flooring showroom in Oceanside, CA located at 2913 Oceanside Blvd.New flooring in San Diego homes can lasts for decades, but you want the right material and color to match your decor. Increase your home value today with gorgeous, affordable and professionally installed flooring.