How to Care for Carpet Flooring and Keep It Looking New

Carpet can show signs of wear faster than other flooring options, but nothing compares to its warmth and comfort. You can keep your carpet looking fresh and new as long as you stay on top of maintenance. The Carlsbad floor refinishing experts at Unique Flooring explain what you can do to prevent stains, ground-in dirt, and worn areas and extend the life of your carpet.

Remove Your Shoes
After installing carpet, Carlsbad homeowners should get in the habit of removing their shoes when entering the home. Even if you think your shoes are fairly clean, it takes about 17 steps before dirt is removed from your soles. The dirt you track onto your carpet will fall down to the backing and grind away at the carpet fibers, slowly wearing out the carpet itself.

Vacuum Regularly
You can’t stop all dirt, dust, and debris from getting into your carpet, but you can do something about it once it’s there. Vacuuming is essential to keep carpet looking its best, and you’ll need to vacuum at least 2-3 times per week. Make sure you go over low traffic areas at least twice. High traffic areas should get at least four passes with the vacuum. Regular vacuuming can remove up to 75 percent of the debris in your carpet and prevent premature wear.

Rotate Your Furniture
When furniture is kept in the same location, foot traffic will be confined to specific paths. Moving furniture at least every six months can prevent premature wear spots.

Treat Spills Right Away
It’s inevitable that something will eventually get spilled on your carpet, but it doesn’t need to leave a permanent reminder. Always soak up spills right away without rubbing the carpet. Next, apply a small amount of cleaning solution such as dish detergent and white vinegar or club soda and blot again.

Use Runners and Area Rugs
One of the best ways to protect high traffic zones is by using runners or area rugs. Rugs can prevent stains as well as crushing of the carpet fibers. They can also work as an accent of color in a hallway, entryway, or other area that sees a lot of foot traffic. It will be much easier and cheaper to replace temporary rugs and runners than replacing your entire carpet.

Use Professional Cleaning Annually
Don’t wait to have your carpet professionally cleaned until you see crushing or stains. Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning and a stain protection treatment every 6 to 12 months, even if your carpet still looks clean. When done correctly, professional cleaning can remove debris and stains you can’t treat with a vacuum.

Trim Snags
If you have pets or small kids, you’ll likely notice a snag in your carpet fibers at some point. This is most common with Berber carpet. Never pull a carpet snag. Instead, use sharp scissors to trim away the snag at its base to keep the damage from spreading.

At Unique Flooring, we offer a wide array of beautiful carpet flooring options. But that’s not all. You can also choose from a variety of wood, tile, laminate, and vinyl plank floors. Carlsbad homeowners put their trust in the quality of our materials and installation services. Call 760-945-0010 today for a free quote.