Rushing to paint your walls without taking flooring into consideration may bring about unwanted results, particularly if you’ve already invested in new, stunning floors. Whenever possible, spend as much time choosing wall paint colors as you did selecting your flooring. Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect matching combination with your flooring and walls.

Use Interior Design Software
With quite a few interior design apps available for free these days, there’s no reason to skip them. In fact, you may not even have to install them on a desktop or laptop computer, since many are available for smartphones. Although you can use these apps at any time, you may want to do so before you decide on the type of flooring you’ll install. A good app to try is ColorSmart, developed by Behr. A similar app is available from Glidden, and there’s also Home Depot Project Color, which lets you try out various lighting schemes. In every part of San Diego County, from Oceanside to Vista, laminate wood flooring is one of the most popular materials, so if you’re thinking long-term about resale value, laminate might be an excellent choice.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling
For small living spaces with low ceilings, follow the proven formula of darker flooring tones and lighter paint on the ceiling. Deviating too much from this scheme may result in a room that looks smaller than it actually is. For the most part, white ceilings are safe bets, especially when you want to try brighter colors on the walls.

Consider Your Interior Décor
Let’s say you choose dark, glossy laminate flooring along with dazzling white walls. The contrast may seem jarring when the room is empty, but this won’t be the case if you’re going for stylized interiors that evoke the 1980s. Similarly, a Victorian room won’t benefit from white walls no matter what kind of flooring you choose. Interior décor is one of the reasons you should try to use the aforementioned room planner apps, since many of them let you add elements such as furniture, drapes, and accents.

Use a Color Wheel
Long before room-design apps existed, homeowners trusted color wheels to help them choose the right color schemes for their living spaces. Many paint and home improvement stores still make color wheels available to their customers. They work by selecting a color from the outer ring and aligning it with a tone from the inside of the wheel. The resulting mixture can be used as a guideline to choose the wall colors.

Stick to Traditional Color Schemes
As a general rule, warm flooring colors go well with similarly warm colors on the walls. Colors on the cooler spectrum match well with cool tones. Let’s say you installed carpet that has green undertones. In this scenario, you may want to consider paint in lighter blue to violet colors. Sandstone tiles can be complemented with warm yellow walls.

A new coat of paint can drastically change the character of a room, but it’s important to make sure the color goes well with the entire room, especially the flooring. For expert advice on color schemes, home décor, and every aspect of flooring, including floor installation, San Diego homeowners can rely on the friendly staff at Unique Flooring to help them create the perfect look. Drop by our Oceanside showroom or call us today at 760-454-1436.