Now that warm weather is here, it’s time to spring into action and remove all the dirt and grime that winter left behind. Spring cleaning is a favorite pastime for anyone who enjoys the beautiful feeling of a freshly scoured home. However, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important parts of your house as you scrub those nooks and crannies. The flooring is one of the largest surfaces in your home, and using these strategies creates an instant feeling of cleanliness that transforms every room.

Consider the Flooring Before You Start
Your spring cleaning strategy should be developed with your floors in mind. Ideally, you should always start cleaning from the top down. After all, you don’t want to have to deal with dust from your ceiling fans falling onto your freshly cleaned floor. You may also need to protect floors by laying down a drop cloth if you engage in activities that could cause damage. For instance, removing duct vent covers could cause debris to fall that’s better kept off the flooring.

Use the Right Cleaning Methods
Each type of flooring has specific requirements for cleaning. While most flooring materials are more durable than in the past, you should avoid using caustic chemicals that cause damage. Start by checking the recommendations for the flooring type. For example, if they have hardwood flooring, San Diego homeowners should wash their floors with a specific type of cleaner made for the material and a soft mop to prevent scratches.

Rearrange Your Furniture
The majority of wear on flooring tends to occur in the areas that get the most traffic. Since you’ll likely be moving the furniture around to get to those hot spots anyway, you might as well do a little rearranging. Moving the furniture around from time to time can prevent problems such as divots that occur in carpet. To further help the flooring, try to create a new walking path that reduces wear from constant traffic in the same areas.

Pay Attention to the Edges
Sometimes your best efforts can make problems worse. Be careful about which type of mop you choose, since some are known for pushing dirty water and debris into the area where the flooring meets the walls. As you clean, make sure to give these areas an extra wipe down to make sure they’re free of residual grime. Keep in mind carpets also collect small pieces of debris near the seams along the walls, so make sure to use your vacuum’s attachments to really get around the corners and seam lines.

Look for Damage as You Go
During your spring cleaning, you’re bound to get an up-close-and-personal view of the flooring. Watch out for signs of damage that might appear as the dirt is cleared. Worn patches in the carpet, scrapes on linoleum, and cracked tiles are all signs your flooring needs repair or replacement.

Thoroughly cleaning your floors on a regular basis can help you keep them in great condition for a long time. If you need more tips on how to care for your specific type of flooring, call on the pros at Unique Flooring. We have a huge variety of flooring options, including carpet, hardwood, and tile, and our expert team provides top-notch floor installation and floor refinishing. San Diego homeowners rely on us for high-quality service and value. Drop by our showroom or give us a call today at 760-454-1436.