Is your laundry room too cramped for comfort? This is a problem for many home owners. With a little thought it is possible to turn a tiny laundry room into a well organized functional space. The first and most laborious task is simply removing everything except the washer and dryer out of the laundry room. Once everything has been removed, then you must honestly assess which items belong in the laundry room and which do not. Removing clutter and other items that take up unnecessary space is the first step to giving you back the room you need to have a comfortable space.

Make the Laundry Room Floor Useful
When there is no clutter on the floor of a laundry room the entire room will naturally feel larger. However, this also means that your laundry room flooring is now prominent and visible, so it’s important to ask yourself if it’s time to install new San Diego flooring in your home. Consider putting in new ceramic tile or vinyl flooring, both of which are durable, water resistant, non-slip and long lasting. This way, one never has to worry about spilling water, bleach, laundry soap, or other substances on the floor.

Upper Storage Space
Whether you prefer a more open shelving system or you like closed cabinets, mounting either type of storage above your machines can help to keep your new floor space more open and clean. Upper storage space is great for storing cleaning products and other knick knacks that you want out or eyesight in the main areas of your home.

Door Pockets
One way to make better use of the space in your laundry room is to attach door pockets to one side of your laundry room door. Often these pockets are small to medium sized, but great for storing smaller spray bottles, spot treatments, or other useful items. This handy door storage keeps these items readily accessible when you are in a hurry and always at an arm’s length.

Leftover Room
Often, when the clutter is removed from a laundry room and everything is stored in its proper place, people find that they have a much larger laundry room than they remembered. Perhaps use this extra space for laundry hampers or baskets. Each hamper can be used to automatically divide your clothes into proper batches, keeping your room clean and everything organized. This sort of set up also saves lots of time from having to separate clothes out into their proper loads later.

If you have the overhead space you can easily install a hanging rod where you can hang clothes and other air dry items.

While installing a simple shelving unit or hanging rod might be easy to do on your own, when it comes to installing new vinyl flooring in San Diego, we always recommend using a professional. The team at Unique Flooring in San Diego prides themselves on installing new flooring efficiently, quickly and affordably.

If you could use some help with your laundry room make-over, or wish to install new flooring throughout your San Diego home, contact Unique Flooring at 760.945.0010 for a free estimate. Whether you’re looking for elegant and durable ceramic tile in San Diego, vintage hardwood or plush carpeting, Unique Flooring has the floor options and the professional experience that you need.