Painted floors have been around in Europe for centuries and eventually made their way stateside, peaking in popularity in the late 1700’s. But, as carpet and wood floors with clear coating became the rage, painted floors took a backseat. Now, painted floors are experiencing a rebirth as homeowners are discovering painted floors aren’t just easy to do themselves and economical, they also look pretty darn awesome. This article is tailored to people painting wood floors, but you can paint just about any type of flooring including concrete, vinyl, and tile–although beware, tile can get tricky.

You want to make sure the paint is going to adhere nicely and that your finish is going to last a long time. Lightly sand the floor, and, if necessary, level any spots on the floor to create a smooth surface. Wipe down the floor with a damp rag or mop and allow it to dry completely before applying the base coat. When you apply the base coat, let it dry completely and then decided if it’s necessary to lightly sand the floor once more and apply a second base coat. Either way, let the base coat stand overnight before marking the pattern on the floor.

After you’ve spent some time making your pattern and getting it just right, you’re ready to paint. As you go, lightly sand each section or square prior to painting (don’t forget to wipe it clean and let it dry). For large patterns, like big squares, use a brush for the perimeter and while the edges are still wet use a small roller for the center. When using the roller, make sure you go the same direction as the floorboards. Peel your tape up at an angle before the paint dries to prevent paint coming off with the tape. If you’re applying another coat, let the floor dry completely and lightly sand once more before a second application of paint. Otherwise, let your newly-painted floors dry for a solid 24 hours before applying a polyurethane top coat for added protection.

Caring for painted wood floors is actually pretty easy. You’ll want to dust the floor often, how often depends on the level of traffic in the room, and use a gentle cleaner (half water and half vinegar works well) to wipe up spots or clear away stains. Make sure to avoid abrasive cleaners that can damage the floor or ruin the paint job. Also, apply pads to the feet of any chairs or tables in the room and never drag furniture across the floor.

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