How to Prevent Mold Growth Beneath Your Floors

Excess moisture on your flooring can lead to mold development, indoor air quality concerns, and a host of other problems. Fortunately, you can avoid issues like these entirely. With the right strategies, you can extend the lifetime of your floors and keep these harmful growths at bay.

Issue a Timely Response to Moisture Issues
When flooding occurs or when structural materials are otherwise exposed to an excess amount of moisture, you have approximately 48 hours to issue an appropriate response. Just two days after a flood or other moisture-related event has occurred, mold spores will begin to form. Water damage specialists can extract standing bodies of water and use high-end blowers, air movers, and other equipment to completely dry all of the affected areas. They can also use disinfectants and deodorizers to prevent mold growth and the development of unpleasant indoor odors.

Have a Whole-House Plumbing Inspection Performed
Slow or hidden leaks can cause a significant amount of moisture damage without being noticed by homeowners. These types of leaks are also a common cause of mold development. During a whole-house plumbing inspection, a plumber will check behind appliances and drywall for signs of these issues. Taking care of hidden and slow leaks and drying and disinfecting the surrounding areas limits the likelihood of fungal growths around the home and underneath your flooring.

Have Your Flooring Cleaned by Professionals
Many homeowners have invested in upright steam cleaners they can use to remove pet odors, dirt, and stains from their carpet flooring. Unless used properly, however, thesemachines can put down far more water than they are capable of drawing back up. When this happens, the underlying carpet padding can become saturated and remain this way even if the surface of the carpet appears fully dry. It is therefore better to let professionals use high-powered cleaning equipment and foam-based cleaners that do not leave the underlying padding soaking wet and primed for mold development.

Use Dehumidifiers and Air Movers to Reduce Indoor Moisture
You don’t have to have a major flood in your home to maintain an excessively damp and humid living environment. Too much moisture in the air can also lead to mold development, especially if you have carpeted floors, windows that sweat, and signs of mold in other areas. Investing in a dehumidifier or an air mover is a great way to dry the interior of your property out and limit the likelihood of mold growth beneath your floors.

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