Though hardwood floors can be easily damaged if not properly cared for, they can often be repaired with little effort. The flooring experts at Unique Flooring in San Diego want to walk you through the steps for repairing some common damage found on wood floors.

Hardwood with Water Damage
Water damage can be progressive on hardwood floors, and the severity and frequency of water exposure can dictate the type of damage. Long-term subtle damage can cause staining and surface wear of veneers, and heavier damage can cause buckling and warping of the wood. Repair usually involves stabilizing humidity levels and flattening by sanding or pressing. The key is to maintain proper humidity levels that do not exceed 30 percent. Check for early signs of cupping and separation between boards. Cupping occurs when wood starts absorbing water and is higher in the center. Tools such as a wood moisture meter can determine the percentage of water absorbed in the wood.

Hardwood with Cracks and Atmospheric Stress
Stress fractures and cracks in hardwood floors are common in homes that have foundation settling or extreme seasonal temperatures. Keeping the home at optimal temperatures can reduce the risk of damage. Crawlspaces and basements should be insulated to reduce ambient stress from temperature fluctuations. Flexible wood putty used in conjunction with epoxy resin repair material can help fill the gaps between floors, and proper sanding and refinishing can help reverse the effects of this type of damage.

Hardwood with Scratches and Surface Damage
Surface damage is one of the most common types of repairs for hardwood flooring. Improper floor sealing and mopping can result in exposure to everyday stresses. Light surface scratches can often be repaired with a resurfacing cleaner and weekly dry mopping to remove impurities. A proper floor resurfacing cleaner will apply a light film that prevents everyday stress from reaching deep into the veneer of the wood. Deeper gouges and cracks may have to be repaired with a filler material that matches the stain of the hardwood floor. Many of these fillers contain a wax or resin that flexes with temperature changes.

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