When you leave the process up to our professionals, you can be sure to get the perfect carpet installation. Here are some of the things we recommend to make the process smooth and easy!

Sometimes carpet flooring can look a little different in your home than it does in the showroom, so we encourage you to bring samples home! If not, you can always bring paint samples, fabric swatches and photos with you. Discuss the room in great detail with our flooring pro so you get the best carpet installation.

Understanding construction and fiber

Construction is broken down into high (long, loose fibers) and low (short, tightly woven threads) piles. High pile rugs include the shag and the frieze. Low pile rugs are easier to keep clean; examples are the Berber style or any cut and loop. Saxony is neither; it is a cut pile and is versatile enough for any decor.

There are natural and synthetic fibers and what you select depends upon your style, needs, and budget. The five most common are: Wool, a natural, beautiful, fluffy, and white; don't let the color scare you. Wool has oils that naturally repel stains.

There are four synthetics including nylon, known for ultra strength and resilience. It always comes with stain protection. Polyester is hydrophobic, meaning there's no absorption. It has excellent inherent stain protection. Olefin is most often associated with Berbers; it, too, is hydrophobic with inherent resistance to stains. Triexta is ultra-durable with permanent stain protection built into the fiber.

Coordinate, don’t worry about matching perfectly

If you're carpeting many rooms or even the entire house, you don't have to use the same rug throughout. Every space has different priorities and challenges so what may be a good rug for one area may not work for another. For example, the shag is a great choice for the bedroom, but a low pile rug would work better for stairs where solid footing, good wrap around balusters and railing and easy maintenance is required.

Know the importance of padding. Not all cushioning is right for all carpets. Density, not weight, is the determination of quality, It means how closely the fibers are tufted together. Bend back a sample card; if you see a lot of white space, ask why.

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