Inexpensive and Easy Fixes to Increase Curb Appeal

Though having plush Beaulieu carpet couldn’t hurt if you’re beautifying your home, never underestimate the impact the front of your house has on your home’s overall appeal. Studies show that the majority of potential home buyers won’t even get out of the car if they don’t find the exterior of your home attractive. Check out these six inexpensive, easy fixes that give your home a lot more curb appeal.

  1. Beautify the Entrance
    Revive your main entry by giving the door a fresh coat of paint and adding some molding to the top and sides of the doorway to create depth and architectural interest.
  2. Update Shutters
    Shutters are an attractive addition to a plain façade and look especially good when they contrast the color of the house. Installing shutters on small windows to make them appear larger will bring charm to the exterior and repainting worn or peeling shutters will provide an instant update.
  3. Accessorize Your Home
    Subtle, tasteful touches can be striking. Adding or replacing elements like exterior light fixtures, mailboxes, house numbers, doorknockers, kick plates, or even doorbell plates will add style and polish to the look of your house.
  4. Create a Path
    Make a simple walkway or path to a side-yard or utility area for a finished and more inviting look from the curb. Landscape material yards offer slate pieces that make perfect stepping-stones and are easy to rest on grass or hard surfaces.
  5. Hide Flaws
    Camouflage unsightly elements that are visible from the street. Air conditioning units and trash bins can be hidden with a small piece of fencing or lattice painted the color of the house. Electrical boxes, wires, sprinkler control boxes, and pipes will also blend in when painted the color of the house.
  6. Emphasize the Garage
    Make your garage doors stand out. Add character and interest to bland garage doors with hardware kits available in styles like Carriage House, Craftsman, or North Woods. This inexpensive and simple tweak results in an instant facelift and makes a great impression.

Whether you’re focusing on curb appeal or on laying vintage hardwood flooring, giving your home a facelift is easier with the help of our flooring and design experts. Call Unique Flooring of San Diego at (760) 945-0010 for a free consultation, or swing by our showroom to look at samples.