Is That Hardwood?

Type of flooring is one of the many choices you have to make when remodeling or updating a room in your home. While the decision first seems easy, after taking your personal style, lifestyle and budget into consideration, you’ve probably come to realize that picking out a single flooring option from the millions available isn’t the simple task you thought it was.

While certain types of flooring such as San Diego hardwood flooring are good for some, they may not be for others; it all depends on what you need out of your flooring. At Unique Flooring, we work with many clients who are unsure if durability and maintenance or material and style are more important for their daily lives. Fortunately, there is a type of flooring that until recently, has flown under the radar, and could easily solve the durability maintenance vs. material style debate: porcelain wood floors.

Intrigued? Porcelain wood floors are exactly what they appear to be. They are porcelain tiles that are designed to mimic the appearance of natural, solid hardwood floors. Each tile or “plank” features the same characteristics as hardwood, from color and stain to imperfections and knots, yet offers the durability and ease of maintenance of tile flooring in San Diego. This makes them the perfect addition to almost any room in the home.

In newer homes and remodels, the trend towards open concept living spaces is steadily gaining momentum. People are looking for clear sightlines from one room of the home to the other. The problem with this is that homeowners are then forced to find a flooring option that will withstand the spills and stains of a kitchen, while also accommodating the everyday wear and tear of a living room. In this situation, porcelain wood tiles are the ideal solution. They are multi-functional and durable, and create a seamless transition from one room of a home into the other.

Combining the best of multiple flooring products, it is no wonder that porcelain wood floors are gaining popularity among contemporary builders, designers and homeowners. This flooring option also offers an additional benefit, cost. Many quality porcelain wood floors can be purchased for $6 to $8 per square foot, making it a competitively priced product in the flooring market.

Not sure how closely porcelain wood floors resemble their actual hardwood counterparts? Come to Unique Flooring in San Diego today and check out a few samples for yourself. We will be able to show you different color variations, patterns, grout colors and brands to help you decide if porcelain wood floors are the right choice for you.